Commence le Dream

French at Home

Are you ready to really speak French? In actionable dialog that elicits a genuine exchange?

Have you always meant to learn another language so that you can take part in exchanges with a native French-speaking friend, or out and about in the markets of Provence, the city of Montreal or along the Congo River?

You know there must be a better way than muttering to yourself and the screen, or endlessly pouring over grammar books.

If you would like to take your French from hesitant to conversant in four weeks:

If you want to be ready for the trip that had to wait a year:

To make the dream reality:

Join us: give us 10 minutes a day and 4 weeks, and you will be speaking; not in vocabulary words or bits and pieces, but in dialogs, en français! 

Looking for an academic approach to test prep for an AP exam or college? Do you feel strongly about intensive grammar lessors or you just love to study for hours on end? Then this would not be the best program for you.

But if you want to see your French re-ignited, renewed and re-invigorated in a real way, you are in le bon endroit, HERE!

If you are a beginner, ready for a challenge and with the dedication to spend 10 minutes each day, this is also the right place for you. Venez parlez français ici.

The program:

Daily dialogs, written for two. Each morning, the week's conversation repeats and expands upon the day before. You repeat, retain and grow each and every day. The following week there is a new dialog. You will be conversing with the one in quarantine with you, or a partner across town or halfway around the world, but...pas tout seul, not all alone. This is a dance, a waltz, an adventure à deux.

Weekly guidance calls, to allow for in-depth questions and additional vocabulary to add variety to daily conversation. the dialog says "eggs" at breakfast, but you prefer blueberries and oatmeal? Ask, listen and repeat new words in the group call. 

Join us now; Arthur and Magalie, a bilingual couple, will host your journey, and keep you from the sad linguistic travails of learning tout seul.

4 Fabulous Weeks to Nouveau French for just $98.50, for a limited time only. 

Coming soon: French with Kids: Weekly Family Dialogs. A method based on natural family rhythms at home, morning and evening routines and everything in between. 

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